Edsel Pacer Cabriolet 1958 "Continental kit"


 Collectors Item / Class 1 Concours condition !


Once awarded the most beautiful restored in the USA, now resides in Holland


E-400 V8 / 5,9L / 303hp / 361cubic inch

Two-tone paint Ember Red with white / Interior red-white leather /

Teletouch Column Shift Automatic / 3speed

(The Edsel's automatic transmission shifts from Low to Second gear at 45 mph,
and from Second to Third gear at 62 mph.)

Continental Kit / Horse collar grille / comfortable front Seats split 40/60 for better driver comfort /
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Extra info :

Model Number: 76B
Length : 5,4m
Weight : 2.000 kg
Total Production: 1,876
Original Base Price: $2,993

The Edsel Pacer is an automobile produced by the former Mercury-Edsel-Lincoln Division (M-E-L) of the Ford Motor Company and produced in Michigan.

The front of the Edsel was totally different than other makes in 1958.
You liked it or hated it.
In general the people reacted negative and the sale was far below the expected volume from Ford.
These days an Edsel is a Cult object and rising in value in the collector's market

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