Mercedes 200D 1966 Heckflosse 32.000km



Mercedes 200D 1966 Heckflosse
Original 32.000 km / manual gearbox /
Vehicle from 2nd Owner (1966 till 2007 / 1 Owner) / Interior is original (was still in original plastic as sold as a new car /
in 2007 complete renovated by Mercedes specialist (he is also current owner and was a friend from previous owner) /
Allmost all parts are renewed / complete new paint in original paint colour sky blue / Chassis, Motor compartment etc. treated with Dinitrol anti rust protection .
Motor and Gearbox are still in orginal state / clutch has been replaced / new Brakes / new Brake cables /...
further all Rubber parts renewed at doors, windows and sunroof / Chrome parts renewed / new exhaust pipe / new suspension / new shock absorbers / new Batterie / new Tyres / 2 new front nose wings / bottom is still in original state / only small part in door steps had to be renewed .
Over 8.000 Euro on parts spended / labour hours not declared in this total.
Complete Technical Check-up TUV done (till 09-2009) subscribtion on normal plates (can be driven on daily basis without restrictions) / also comfirm to driving with Historic plates.
Detail pictures can we send you per Mail.
Original Belgian vehicle /
Visibile only upon appointment: Belgium / Limburg / B-3740 Bilzen (5km distance from Maastricht / 300km from Frankfurt)
Appointment on Saturday or Sunday is possible.
Selling price : 13.900 Euro is fixed price.

Are you interested in an appointment or do you have further questions please don't hesitate to contact us. 

We are looking forward to hear from you.



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