Austin Healy 3000 MK III Rally 1966




Year : 1966 / LHD vehicle (left hand drive)

6 cylinder

3000 cc

200 HP

1320 kg (exact total weight)


62.000 miles

99.200 km


manual gearbox / 4 gears / 3+4 overdrive

ONP sport seats / roll cage / ...

no extra race spare parts / only 1 set alu rims + rally tyres


this vehicle is in very good condition !

starts from the first second

drives very well and engine is running very smooth


vehicle from classic car collector

for over 20 years in possession from current owner who is well known in the Belgian autosport

and who has had prepared this vehicle by the most professional car mechanics from his own car racing team

adjustments been done like cooling fins / air jaws / double roll cage/ distance counters for co-pilot / etc etc...

also motortuning from 150 horsepower to 200 horsepower wich made this car a real nice and competetive race car.

in 1995 this car has received a FIVA pasport


only 2 rally's have been driven with this vehicle

Rally from Spa Francorchamps 1996 / Rally from Ieper 1996 (11th place) in Belgium

after that this vehicle has been stored in perfect climate conditions 
in the private museum of the famous classic car collection from this prominent owner


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