Lotus Elite 1961 racing model / fully prepared



Very nicely race prepared


Lotus Elite

08 / 1961


Color : Green



Manual gearbox


Right hand drive

English papers


Restored in Holland and prepared for Historic Racing in Germany.

Bought by an enthustiastic Dutch owner in the early 90's from the USA.

The car was soon after restored and prepared for historic racing. When finished the car cost its owner nearly 70.000 EURO. He sold the car to the famous racing driver Bob van der Sluis who apparantly only used it once. The car came in the hands of the current owner a few years ago. Hardly ever used since completion, the car is looking for an enthusiastic person who will return this lovely sportscar with potential back to the tracks. It will require some flettling to be used.


Car location : Belgium – Limburg – B-3740 Bilzen





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