AC Cobra replica 1980 2.9L V6 Cosworth 6000km Zustand 1 !



Cosworth 2.9 L  V6

220 HP

Manual shift 5- gear

Make 1980


Finish Restoration February 2007


Left hand drive !

Blue & white original colours.


Full body work top quality professional restoration.

Full engine and motor management revision.

All items renewed, new rubbers, new brakes system, new brake disks, new interior, new tires, etc…


Top quality Class 1 Concours condition !


A real collectors car and perfect for investments. 

AC Cobra Replica’s in perfect condition are selling for over 60.000 Euro.


Current location : Belgium / Limburg / Bilzen.

Selling price : 49.500 Euro


Extra Info :

Leather interior black.

Soft top black original Porsche.

Carpets original Porsche.


Full professional alarm system (fuel pomp / anti car jack / moving detector / lift detector)

Radio-cd hidden in trunk.

Handmade RVS exhaust pipes left and right.

Hallibrand rims.


Full Original Cosworth gearbox / powertrain / brake system / sperdifferentieel.

Full Frame for over 12 hours completely welded inside and outside / powder coated / 2 layers dinitrol protection.

Car ready for technical control June 2006 /

Car complete restauration ending February 2007 /


Car from German origine.

Belgian car papers.


more pictures available ....




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