Fiat Dino Coupé 2.4L 1972


In absolute top condition !

Fiat Dino Coupé 2.4 L 1972

with new (Ferrari) engine (only 5.000kms)

red / new black leather interior /

with original engine ! / the car was completely restaured in Germany nearby Cologne by a professional restaurateur in the year 1989 / full engine and gearbox revision is done by Zender Germany in 1998 / the engine is the original engine with 93.800 kms, / they installed also a new expensive electric ignition system  from a German brand (the original Dynoplex ignition is known as not reliable) and so he starts always easily at all times / chrome air filters are replaced because they look far more nice than the original plastic air filter / still has the original interior and carpets / in 2011 there was a complete new leather interior (3000 euro) placed by a well known classic car restauration company in Belgium in our neighbourhood / original Fiat Dino - Ferrari 308 alloy rims / Michelin XWX14 tyres are still 70% good / exhaust pipes are replaced / body, engine, transmission, suspension are reliable /

this car is a very nice collectors item / in perfect running condition !

over 20 years from same owner (since 1998 in hands of his Belgian owner who was driving this car for about 5.000kms mostly to international classic car events)  / the Fiat Dino was kept always in optimal climate conditions and stayed in optimal shape like all the other collection cars in his collection, 1st date of use 03-1972 / German Fahrzeugbrief (contact info from previous German owner available) / Belgian import documents are handed over to his new owner / ready to drive immedeately / its running as a clock / no costs / ...

Visible : Belgium / Limburg


Appointments only for direct sales !

You really can't compaire other cars to this car. This car was for many many years from the same owner and is in absolute topcondition with an engine value of 20.000 euro and an interior from 3.000 euro and with an expensive electric ignition, new exhaust pipes, very good tyres, you won't find the same Dino anywhere else in this condition for this price.

We also want to inform you that you are buying a car from a very well known classic car collector with many references all over Europe.

Looking forward to hear from you.


 (more info and extra pictures available upon request)


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