Cadillac Eldorado Cabriolet 1959 In top condition !



We offer this very nice ....

Cadillac Eldorado Convertible 1959
6,4L V8
389 cubic inches
Automatic gearbox

Exterior : white / Interior : red – white


Electr windows / Electr seats / Electr soft top
Radio original (= in working condition)
White wall tyres

Soft top in very good condition

Dutch documents !


This vehicle is bought  about 14 years ago in California / Los Angeles, and stayed all this time in Holland by his current owner.

The car was at that time already in absolute top condition. The technical parts and engine compartment were not yet redone.

All this is now very professional redone since 1 year.


This Cadillac has ultimately received in 2007 a complete technical revision.

There has been renewed :

- Revision engine
- A very good used gearbox is placed
- Radiator new
- Waterpomp new
- Startmotor revision
- Power steering pomp (servo) new
- Brakes complete renewed, incl. all cables, brake cylinders, brake shoes, main brake cylinder
- Thermostat new
- Dynamo revision
- All metal parts under the hood, incl. suspension parts have been powdercoated
- All fusees? by the front shock absorbers are renewed (heavy duty set from Kanter/ New Jersey)
- Gasoline tubes are new
- Compleet new exhaust pipes incl. resonators (= absorbers at the rear side / matching the specifications from Cadillac 1959)
- New battery, incl. original batteryholder
- New sparking plugs, distributor head, sparking plug cables, contact points.
- New rubbers around the softtop
- Bottom from the vehicle is complete new and complete new coated.
What has to be done :
-       Window from door passenger side has a crack / its from closing the door by pushing the glass / it will be replaced
-       Dashboard underside (lower part) could use maybe a repaint
-       Left rear fender is not perfect flat pressed. Only for a perfectionist we wanted to mention this.
-       The metal plate in the trunk bottom undernead the carpet shows some minor rust. This has been already prevently treated.
-       Pump from softtop has not the full power. This results the soft top don't open all by itself and need a little help from the hands (price new pump will be about : 165 dollar, excl. transport/import)
Options :
-       Electric windows
-       Radio with electric antenna (all working)
-       Airconditioning. Is at this time not fixed up but is completely available to go with the vehicle

-       Electric front seats




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