Mercedes CL500 Carlsson CM60 V8 425hp 2001 Exclusive edition !




MERCEDES CL 500 CARLSSON CM60 2001 (only 1 in Belgium)


6000cc V8

225kW / 305ps (tuning 425ps not added on documents)

Make : 02-2001
Mileage : 228.000km
Bleu metallic / black leather (geperforated)

Automatic gearbox / Xenon / Navigation Command (full map) / Glass sunroof / alcantara ceiling / Rainsensor / Lichtsensor / dimming mirrors / Alarm / Parktronic front and rear /elec seats / seatheating / Massage function / Memory seats / elec closing mirrors / Sport suspension / adjustable air suspension / multi steering wheel / veneer design / Sound system / elec sun curtain / 18inch alu rims Carlsson / new tyres /  non smoker / Belgian documents / last technical inspection 07-2008 / front bumper slighty damaged / rear bumper slightly damaged / ... 

Visible : België / Limburg / 3740 Bilzen

Selling price : 17.000 Euro incl VAT tax


Appointments only with serious candidates

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2001 Carlsson CL500
The new Mercedes-Benz coupe is the peak of international auto manufacture. To further tune that top model has been a major challenge to the engineers at Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH. Carlsson now introduces the CM60 based on of the CL 500 with love of detail, a major upgrade of the interior and a successful aerodynamics package.
The heart of the  Carlsson CM60 is an eight-cylinder upgraded to exactly 6000 cc. After the mechanical and electronic overhaul by Carlsson’s engineers, the Carlsson CM60 achieves a full 405 Horsepower and 640 Nm torque, and provides for remarkable driving performance that would even be worthy of a sportscar.
The Carlsson CM60 accelerates from 0-100 km/h in only 5.3 seconds, and its top speed was clocked at 275 km/h. The acceleration and elasticity of the Carlsson eight-cylinders silken-smooth operation leave nothing to be desired. Also, the visual appearance of the CM60 recalls the glorious days of the successful Grand Tourismo, which combined the driving performance of a sportscar with the appropriate roominess and comfort. The homogeneous aerodynamics not only reduces overall lift, but also provides a dynamic appearance.
Sound is provided by the sports exhaust assembly made entirely of specialized steel, with four metal catalytic converters and four Carlsson tailpipes in each. The interior is elegantly equipped with a multifunctional steering wheel, doormats with a logo and high-quality chrome trim.
Now that the new CL, too, no longer also has a conventional chassis in the usual sense, since DaimlerChrysler has developed a mechanical-hydraulic ABC system, the technicians of the engineers at Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH have been challenged to develop an electronic lowered suspension. Carlsson therefore presents the C-TRONIC® additional control unit, which electronically lowers the suspension of the CL.
Since this Carlsson C-TRONIC® additional control unit is connected in series ahead of the original electronics system, no direct intervention into that system takes place. The solution of the Carlsson engineers is functionally stunning, and permits the reduction of the center of gravity of the vehicle, which provides a significant increase in driving safety.
Not only a sporty appearance results; reduced air-resistance is also achieved. The standard lowering of the chassis at 140 km/h was deactivated for safety reasons; the raising of the vehicle level by means of the switch in the central console has been retained, however. The Carlsson C-TRONIC® additional control unit lowers the vehicle by about 30 mm.



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