Bying a car is mostly not so easy.
There are a lot of points which need special attention.

As amateur you can easily make wrong decissions.
Would you like to have a more secure purchase, we can advice you in a professional way.

We like to be at your service with the purchase of your new car.


Bying intercessions

We can help you with the search of a specific car.
You can place a search assignment with us .
As wished we can come along with you for an independent expert advice.
Through our years of experience in the automobil industrie we can find almost every type of car for you.

If we find the right car for you we also can arrange the full transaction.


Selling intercessions

We like to help you with selling your car.
To become a clear view of your car, we would like to see it first in a clean conditon. 
Some professional pictures will be taken with a digital camera
and ads will be placed on approximately 25 to 35 of the most visited European (auto) internetsites.

We take incoming calls about your car and in the mean time you can keep driving your car untill we find a real buyer for your vehicle. 
When we have an agreement from both parties we will also arrange the full transaction of your car.




EUROCONNECTION CARS could be at your service when you need a chauffeur- or transporting service.

Your car need to be in for service or reparation. 
We pick up your vehicle and arrange all handling. 
Also when your vehicle is wanted in your favorite vacation destination or transporting your car to your 2nd home in another country belongs hereby also to the possibilities

This service is especially for brands as Jaguar, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche, …




Often we dicover that a certain vehicle does not  dispose about the right acceleration capacity.

This can be because the car is brandnew or because the car is driven always very slowly by a previous owner.

 We call this in our terms the vehicle became a lazy engine.

We can solve this problem in a professional way and can offer you a correct increasing power drive in about a 200 to 400km distance.




Every vehicle has the possibility for some more (technical/mechanical considered ) capacity.

Do you wish to have a more smoother acceleration and/or less gasoline consuming through a placement of a chiptuning or a powerbox,

just ask our advice.


Cleaning & Polishing


Your vehicle will be treathed with the outmost caution and will be washed by hand in combination with the right quality products.

Your car can be presented in showroom condition through a professional polish service in combination with a deep shine wax service.


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